Are you new to the sport of trail running? Well, you’ve found the right page. Below is a list of useful links to get you set up for the Kowen Trail Run.

Introduction to Trail Running

Here are some of the best introductory guides to trail running that we could find.

Beginners guide to trail running

Trail running basics

Trail racing 101

21 trail racing tips

Ultra marathon resources

The Australian Ultra Runners Association

Ultra marathons for beginners


Ultra marathon resources

Bag packing and other tips from ultra runners

Running Calendars

Use these calendars to plan your upcoming racing season.

 Running calendar

Run calendar

 Cool running calendar

Trail Races in Australia

Local Trail Running Resources

A list of local groups involved in trail running and/or trail races.

Trail Running Canberra

Trail Run Canberra

Australian Mountain Running

Sri Chimnoy Marathon Team

Canberra YMCA