Moonlighter Mandatory gear

For safety reasons, all participants must carry the following mandatory gear:

  • a water container
  • mobile phone
  • space blanket
  • head lamp or torch (to be carried at all times)
  • ‘hi vis’ safety vest (to be worn at all times).

In addition, ultra marathon runners will also need to either carry the following items or have them stored in a drop bag for access if needed:

  • spare torch/headlamp or torch/headlamp batteries
  • gloves
  • long sleeve thermal top
  • beanie/buff
  • rain jacket
  • rain pants.

The hi vis vest is required because you will be running on a road at night for part of each loop. Hi vis vests are an inexpensive bit of kit that are a great safety feature for people that run on roads and bike paths. They can be purchased at workwear stores (Google ‘workwear canberra’ to find your nearest store) and range in price from under $10 to over $100 (if you want all the bells and whistles). Below is a pic of a hi vis vest for your info.